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The Following Benefits of Matrimony Will Change Your View on Marriage

In this day and age,there are many who say all manner of things against marriage.

It is now widely accepted that marriage as an institution has been on a decline for sometime What many people are not aware of is that though the marriage has been depicted as progressively losing significance in society,the decline spoken of has not worsened for the past 3 decades. There are several studies that have shown that in deed there are some good reasons you need to get married. You could be struggling to make your marriage work but have been facing some difficulties;there one thing you can do and that is to pay a visit to a competent Cincinnati marriage counseling professional.

The following are some of the other benefits that are to be enjoyed by those of us who choose to get married.
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Most people would rather live long,and there are some studies which indicate that married men tend to live longer than the unmarried ones. Surprisingly,according to a 2006 study published by the University of California,single people have a whopping 5 times greater likelihood of dyeing of infectious ailments;this is not just surprising,it is freaking shocking!
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There are some studies that have shown that there was a link between the reality of being married and the probability that the person is likely to be earning more than their single mate. There are now two incomes for the household and two thinking heads,which means that you are now better able to earn more and plan better,making it kind of easier to own stuff like cars,homes and computers than unmarried dudes.

Men want to get kids,in fact some studies reveal that the event of getting married and the arrival of kids are some of the most memorable things in their lives.

Life happens,people get laid off and others get involved in road accidents;all these events can be a little hard on you when you are single but when you have an understanding partner in your life,many of life’s storms can be weathered.

According to most women,a married guy looks more attractive and they are more likely to date or try to hit on such a guy-you are likely to get more attention at parties from females than your unmarried buddies!But you are an honest guy and you won’t start cheating on your wife.

If you get married,you are set to enjoy some goodies such as tax breaks and you also get to become a beneficiary of your partner’s premium medical insurance plan.

Regardless of the ideas you currently hold,you may want to reconsider your decision to remain single and if you are in a marriage that isn’t happy,give it a chance to improve by sharing your issues with a qualified marriage counselor in Cincinnati,Ohio.