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Guidelines in Choosing Your WordPress Plugin Through the use of plugins, you can make your WordPress site a better experience. But considering the great number of plugins you can find the official plugin directory, it would really be a very challenging thing to make a choice for your website. What this article has prepared you is a list of tips necessary in making a successful choice of a WordPress plugin. They may not provide you with a 100% guarantee of success, they can surely make your experience a lot better. THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU BEGIN It is always good that you are aware of the characteristics, features and plugins that you want a plugin to have or provide you before you start making a pick among several options. Also do not forget to order those needs and requirements in terms of how important they are. The reason why you have to order those needs according to importance is because it is not always and common for you to be able to locate a plugin that comes with all of the things that you are in need of. There are even instances that you are able to locate your needs from two or three plugins. In which case, there is a necessity for you to have all of those three plugins installed in your website. It does not matter how many plugins your install. What matters is that you get the plugins that offer the features you need.
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As already said, there can be more than a thousand of plugins you can find in the official plugin directory. While it is good on one side, it can be bad on another. Indeed, it can really be a lot confusing to choose a few number of plugins among the thousands that’s available. There are some tips, however, that you can follow in order that you can do the choosing task with ease. Since plugins are grouped into categories, it is recommended that you settle your eyes first on the ones belonging to the beginner category. If you are a WordPress beginner, then these are the plugins that will surely play a good role in your life as a website owner and administrator. Even more, you can try to check and determine the plugins that are very popular. Popular plugins are those that have been chosen by a lot of website owners. If other owners of websites have chosen those plugins, then they may also be great for you. Sometimes, it also takes you to knowing the ratings of those plugins. So, it is also worth sparing your time for.