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When to Call an Emergency Dentist Dental emergencies do not happen very often but when it does, you show know what number to call and what to do first hand. This requires you to be knowledgeable of the types of dental emergencies and which one will require the most urgent care. Regardless of how urgent or the type of emergency, you will still need an emergency dentist. Surely, there is one Haymarket dentist that you can call in times of a dental emergency. Moving on, the next paragraph talks about examples of dental emergencies. The examples listed are the ones that require urgent treatment. The first one is something that almost all people will experience sometime in life. It is the persistent toothache, which is medical terms is called periapical periodontitis. It is characterized by a spontaneous, painful toothache that is concentrated in one area and it becomes worse when the suffering one bites food. Even worse, the gum area might become infected and as pus accumulates, the patient’s cheek could swell. Why is this kind of toothache regarded a dental emergency. It is an emergency because the suffering person will need pain relief immediately, not to mention the antibiotics that he may start to take if the gums are infected.
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Bleeding and trauma is another example. It is natural for the tooth sucket to bleed shortly after the tooth is out. Normally, it will bleed for a couple of minutes and will cease on its own. However, if the tooth has been dislodged because of trauma, the gums could severely bleed. This can result to complications if left untreated. A Haymarket dentist that specializes in these cases can help when this happens. The dentist will do whatever he can to stop the bleeding. It is standard protocol for the doctor to first use pressure to stop the bleeding. In more serious cases, the dentist could give antihemorrhagic medicines. As a last result, the doctor will suture the are if none else works.
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A fractured teeth is also an emergency. A fractured teeth could extend down to the tooth socket or the inner layers of the tooth, and it could lead to pain and infection. It is a must for you to take a fracture tooth to the dentist within 24 hours. Not all clinics cater to emergency dental situations Therefore, you should know before hand is that Haymarket dentist is the one you can call when an emergency situation arises. It is important that during an emergency dental situation you have the right number or the right person to call. Your pearly whites give you confidence, do not lose them because of an untreated dental situation. Visit here, if you need to see a Haymarket dentist.