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For the majority of the people, clean water is either from a municipality or from a communal source like well. This water is then diverted to the various parts of the house so that it can be used f or different purposes like laundry, cooking, irrigation to even bathroom use. After use, used water should be treated so that you can get rid of pathogens as well as other chemicals.

In case this water flows back into the clean water supply, it can cause sickness or even death. This problem is normally solved by using backflow preventers.

The primary science which is normally applied in this case is that any liquid want to flow from region of high pressure to an area of low pressure. In any way, the flow of fluid can be controlled by a pressure difference.
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For instance, for water to get into your house, up to a reservoir which might be at the top of your house, it must be pumped suing a very high pressure. However, just like any other system, the water supply line can break or the amount of water can be low and as a result, the line pressure in the main can go down. In case any of these happens, there is a very high probability of the water flowing back. This issue is normally solved by the use of backflow preventers.
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With diverse types of water systems, the designers of the backflow preventers have ensured that there are various models so that they can suit every problem which any customer could be encountering. For example, in case water flows back from your sink faucet to the faucet, it can contaminate the clean water supply. There is no mechanism which is put to ensure that the water is pumped back to the faucet which may be few inches above the sink; as result the water overflows in the floor causing hazardous damage.

It is worth knowing that backflow preventers use sophisticated technology; they have pressure check valves and reduced pressure areas so as to put any pollution at bay. Just like any other system, the backflow preventer can wear and tear due to constant battle of trying to maintain pressure and prevention of contamination. To be on the safe side, it is profoundly advocated that you seek repair and maintenance services usually.

It is highly recommended that you do frequent servicing of the device so that you can ensure that the system is working properly as expected. Make sure that the repair contract is administered by a reputable company. Always ask for a warranty from any service provider.