An Embellished Products Shop Can Ask and Track the Right Questions

Is there more to take away from in data tracking than the sale price? There is a whole lot to look at. Every sale is an opportunity to answer many questions. As the data of each sale is collected, the company can learn more about what their customers want and who they are. The data can obtain a lot of information, but should it? Is there a point where the data is too much?

An extreme version of this is with the custom user-end design. A customer can make the product almost literally. They design it. There are some websites and brands that allow customers to build their own t-shirt, as an example. There are a few restraints, such as the size or number of colors they can use. But, they essentially make the product.

So, this brings up a complicated concern for sales and marketing, as well as for data tracking. What should the data detail? Does it matter that the shirt is five colors as opposed to three? Is this relevant? In this example, the data can potentially track many different attributes of that sale. This includes:

  • How many colors were used
  • The type of fabric
  • The sale price in relation to the cost of developing
  • The breakdown of these costs (ink, colors, the unique screenprint)
  • When it sold
  • Where it sold to

These are all pertinent details, but are they essential? Furthermore, many of them relate to that exact custom-made item, such as the number of colors. Is this data necessary to make an informed decision about marketing? This is a question that needs to be determined by the sales and marketing team.

An embellished products shop can have choices for the customer. How will these choices and alternatives be supported in the data? Should they? As product development and branding gets more complicated, developers will need to ask these questions. Companies, such as ShopWorx, are up to the task of assisting brands in making logical decisions about the questions that need to be answered and the questions that are best left detailed in a far simpler way.