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Essential Tips for E-Retail Sites to Improve Page Speed and Increase Performance

With advancement of technology, e-retailing has become the next big thing where suppliers to sell their products to online customers. It is crucial for a website owner to ensure that their page loads quickly to increase their performance and attract potential customers. The Following are some quick guidelines to assist you to improve your page speed and uptime.

Optimizing your images and videos will not only give your site a modern and edgy look but will also increase the response time. So opt to lessen some high-resolution images and videos on your website for your customers to experience short response time. However, if reducing the size of images and videos is not an option, invest in a delivery network system that will be able to manage short responses despite the high-resolution content.

Improve the time that your page takes to load by using efficient codes that can reduce the number the number of HTTP request that your site makes. Opt for HTTP redirect service that directs mobile phone users to your responsive page without redirecting them when trying to open complex pages. It is therefore crucial that your site loads faster in mobile devices to improve customer satisfaction and increase your sales drastically. A good website performance will increase your revenue and ensure that your ranking in search engines is rising.

Also, do a load test on your site to verify your sites performance during various load levels in order to keep your customers happy and satisfied. For instance, do a test performance on your site when the traffic is standard as well as after and during peak season to make sure that your site is performing well. Alternatively, you can talk to a specialized monitoring service to guide you efficient ways of increasing your e-retail speed and reduce traffic.

Another great way of sales and gain a potential customers trust, is by being consistent with your site such that, each time the consumer opens a page, they will not feel like they have left your site. Ensure consistency by organizing the pages with menus, tags and footers as well as headers. Additionally, it is essential to optimize how your E-Retail site appears based on the number of components used, images, style sheets and scripts. A well-organized site cuts down on loading time and also makes it easy for visitors to browse your site.

Don’t give your visitors links that are invalid or take forever to load since chances are; they will leave your site and open the next available site. By using a custom 404 page that contains your header and footer, potential customer will be able to continue browsing through your pages.

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